Work Experience by Quin Wagner Piggott


Studying at Shiplake College, I have never had any spare time to get a job unlike many other students at other schools.  As a keen guitarist who is learning about music technology at school I knew exactly what I wanted to do and was lucky enough to have family connections with Alistair at Harmonia.

From the moment I stepped into the office, seeing complicated templates all around, I knew that the team at Harmonia were very experienced in their work. My first job was to help Sam choose which equipment would be best for a current project and write it down on a document. To begin with, I was clueless about half the sophisticated words that came out his mouth!

I thought Harmonia were very good at making me feel involved in the projects. For example, on the Tuesday, Sam took me to Cardiff University to see the project first hand. This was really good for me because it helped me gain an understanding for all the situations and get used to the technical terms. Another example, is when Alistair took me into London for a meeting with SKY. This was a great opportunity for me to see what real work is like and also showed me how experienced Alistair is.2016-06-29 12.36.23

The team at Harmonia, were very good at making me feel like I was part of the team. Ross trusted me to create an instructions sheet for the new Extron ShareLink 200. I was allowed to have a play around with all its settings and make certain changes to the device. This was good fun for me because it is something I never usually do. Ross was also really good at explaining how certain pieces of equipment work, which will help me in the future.

If I go into office work when I am of working age, an office that has the same energy and positivity as Harmonia is one that I would like to work for.

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