Educational Spaces

Harmonia Consulting are recognised experts in modern learning and teaching spaces. Years of close collaboration with leading educators has given us a great appreciation of how best to support their vocation.

Students value the advantages of modern learning technology, and demand the best listening and viewing environments. Clients and designers rely on our broad approach to drive quality across the whole project team so student needs are fully met.

How we helped Cardiff University create world-leading teaching spaces

Harmonia have delivered expert-level consultancy and design services. The revitalised learning spaces now offer exemplary systems, crystal clear speech and an excellent student experience.
— Richard Powell, Technical Operations Team Manager, Cardiff University

University Lecture Theatres


Clear speech may be the very most important component of an effective learning environment. Our rigorous approach to maximising speech intelligibility starts with the acoustic design, and encompasses advanced microphone and loudspeaker techniques, with computer simulations used to optimise designs.

Careful provision for hearing assistance, whether utilising traditional induction loops or a newer approach, means that every listener gets the best possible speech clarity.

Audio-visual technologies support many particular educational needs, and we can advise you on how best to apply these.

Teaching technology advances year on year, and our advice is always given with one eye on the future. Whether the next big thing is in video display or lecture streaming, you will be a step ahead with Harmonia on your team.

How we helped Cardiff University create world-leading teaching spaces

Super Labs


From the lecture theatre into the laboratory. Teaching students experimental and laboratory techniques has come a long way from chalkboards and lab coats. Universities need to effectively deliver high quality teaching to science students en masse, often a few hundred at a time. And so the "Super Lab" was born.

This new approach to learning detailed and often complex techniques requires the tutor's actions to be clearly seen and heard. Audio-visual systems with multiple cameras, microphones, headsets and display screens enable students to get close up to the action even from the opposite end of the room. Integrated with lecture capture and e-learning platforms the next generation of students have a vast array of practical resources at their fingertips.

We can advise you on the best approaches and technologies to use, supporting the design team and in-house learning services to bring your Super Lab online, on time and on budget.

Coventry University’s Super Lab

Music Suites & Dance Studios


We love creating spaces that inspire music learning, and believe they have a real impact on student enthusiasm. Ensembles listen and play at their best when supported by rich aural feedback from a well-designed recital hall. Good practice rooms support student development with balanced sound free from disturbance.


Educational recording studios can be built to good acoustic standards to encourage critical listening and aid study of technical systems. Connectivity to practice and recital rooms can have minimal costs but greatly enhance flexibility for the creative use of technology.

Structure-borne noise can be the greatest challenge in dance studios, but our solid knowledge of vibration isolation can be applied to control disturbance. Musical quality and ease of speech are also important to allow immersive and productive dance practice, and we will make sure you can get these just right.

Harmonia creates environments that nurture confidence and a positive attitude to music, dance and technology.

How Harmonia helped English National Ballet make AV outstanding in their new headquarters

Assembly Halls

Assembly halls often need to support speech and drama as well as music. These activities pull the acoustic strategy in different directions, but with careful design we can make rooms work for all of them.

Our solutions may include variable elements so they can be optimised for each, or aim for a carefully tuned middle ground suitable for orchestras, plays and presentations.


Halls also present a great opportunity for teaching entertainment technology, allowing hands-on time with theatrical equipment. We make our audio-visual solutions both educational and functional, supporting special events and community use.