Services for Systems Integrators

Some of the best AV systems integrators in the UK have a secret weapon. They have Harmonia on call both to supplement internal teams and to apply our particular skills.

Discreetly and professionally, we get things sorted, as a seamless extension to your organisation.

We are rightly proud of our reputation as meticulous enforcers of quality for main contractors and clients. But this means that we also know how to help integrators meet their obligations, and get the all-important sign-off. There is no shortcut to a quality installation, but we will help you get there.


How We Help

Our experience means we can help ease almost any bottleneck in your process.

  • Bid preparation so you do not miss an opportunity
  • Representing you at meetings
  • Wiring, installation drawings and O&Ms
  • Perfect set-up for an exacting client
  • Supervision and troubleshooting to get a site running smoothly

Within our team there are decades of experience in system integration, not just consultancy. We understand the realities of site challenges, the financial pressures and the imperative of never failing to deliver.

Acoustic Advice & DSP


Many AV systems integrators do not have the acoustic expertise needed to get to the bottom of why that VC call is not great or to properly advise the client on how to make the most of the new sound system. Harmonia will be the qualified expert in your team and make sure you get the credit for the solution.

DSP programming is a particular skill of ours. Programmers fully trained in both DSP and room acoustics really can get more out of a sound system, and you will hear the difference. We have extensive experience on most DSP platforms including BSS, Polycom, Clearone, Yamaha, Peavey, Biamp, Symetrix, QSC, Extron and many more.

Call-Off Agreements

A pre-agreed arrangement with Harmonia is a great back-up plan to make sure you are never caught short. Zero commitment but a team of experts on tap to make sure you never miss a sale or let down a customer.