Retail & Hospitality Spaces

The demand for exceptional, high quality spaces by retail and hospitality guests has never been higher. Harmonia takes pride in working with operators and designers to meet the highest modern expectations.


Well-equipped function rooms and business suites are a great attraction to draw events to your hotel. They represent your brand to an even wider user base than just the accommodation, so it is important to make the right impression. Whether you are aiming to provide facilities for simple presentations or large scale product launches and gala evenings, we develop solutions that fit with your interiors and delight your clients.


Nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep, so protecting your guests from disturbance is central to their experience. We work with architects and builders to make sure construction and ventilation details are thoroughly checked to perform at the level you need.

Guests of quality hotels expect an in-room entertainment experience on a par with their home. And this is a great place to add features that leave lasting memories, driving return visits and positive reviews. Harmonia can help you make your in-room entertainment polished, professional and cost-effective.

Shops & Showrooms


Customers have to feel good to be most receptive to your messages. You may want them to be excited, enthralled or just relaxed – the acoustic ambience and AV systems are an important step to achieving your aim.

Harmonia can help you captivate your visitors by giving them the best possible experience.

How Harmonia helped Smeg with superb AV for their Regent Street showroom


Bars, Pubs & Restaurants


Restaurants and bars are notorious for being noisy, and this has a significant impact on people’s dining habits. More about noisy restaurants.

We are able to predict how much noise diners and patrons will make in response to their environment, and this helps us fine tune a building and its audio systems. Together we create a buzzing or a relaxing atmosphere, tweaked to match your site and brand image.

In bars and pubs, great sound and video systems can attract the crowds for sports or a lively night out. Harmonia make sure you have the best systems in place, perfectly installed and at the best possible value.