Public Buildings

The Harmonia team is proud to be associated with some of the greatest building developments of recent years. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as valued partners of the best architects, engineers and clients in the world.

We combine our wide knowledge of construction and design with technical systems expertise to create amazing spaces.

Harmonia have proved themselves to be a professional and extremely responsive consultant, despite the sometimes extremely tight deadlines I have given them.
— Harvey Hunter, Areen Design (King Abdulaziz International Airport)

Airports & Stations


Clear voice communication with passengers is critical both for everyday smooth running, and in emergency situations. Making this possible whilst preserving an architectural vision of clean lines and hard surfaces is not straightforward. Our experience of creatively resolving this challenge can be invaluable to ambitious designers. Advanced computer modelling is used to check voice alarm standards compliance, so you can have full confidence that your building provides a safe environment.

Passengers also need clear visual information. From stand-alone display screens to super-sized video walls we make sure that passenger information and other displays blend with the architecture and get the message across with total reliability.

Museums & Galleries


Acoustics are an essential part of the overall ambient canvas, and we can help you fully utilise this dimension. Spaces for art appreciation should inspire awe or intimacy, free from distraction. We work with designers to create soundscapes that enhance and complement these spaces.

Museums often desire a vibrant engaging environment for visitors to interact with exhibits. Our AV designers work side-by-side with exhibit designers and architects to deliver outstanding visitor experiences.


Places of Worship


Whilst traditionally religious buildings promote richly enveloping reverberation, they may not meet the needs of a modern approach to prayer and music. Speech intelligibility and musical impact are new aspects that must be married with an ambience supporting worshiper involvement.

Sound reinforcement in religious buildings may range from clear speech amplification to high sound level concert standard. Harmonia are experts in all these types of spaces, and employ the latest technology coupled with smart acoustic design to create highly engaging surroundings for participants.

Historic Buildings


All refurbishments call for a flexible approach to overcoming existing conditions, but historically important buildings demand particular sensitivity and creativity.

We examine all possible approaches to technical challenges, from reproducing period features to deliberately modern additions. Working with clients and designers, we make valuable buildings work to modern standards and functionality whilst preserving their most important qualities.

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