Entertainment Venues & Recording Studios

Great acoustics and reliable technical systems are central to the perception and success of entertainment venues. Harmonia takes care of these vital elements to deliver outstanding audience experiences.

We understand the contributions of developer and architect, builder and system integrator right up to performer and technician. Our solutions are grounded in practical knowledge but driven by creative thinking, so our designs are both cost-effective and forward-thinking.

Whether your project is a new build or a refurbishment – sound and video, lighting and rigging, comms and control, induction loops and voice alarm – whatever you need, we can make it a reality.

Theatres & Cinemas


The acoustics and entertainment systems of theatres each present unique challenges, so expert guidance is essential. We know inside out how the many components interact, what users really want and what works in practice.

Protection from intrusive noise such as traffic -as well as from plant within the building- is a must. We are highly skilled in both natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation schemes, so you can be confident that we will make it work.

Cinemas also need excellent sound insulation and noise control, coupled with very well-controlled room acoustics. We can ensure quality throughout the build from design to site inspections and testing.

Whether amplified or relying on natural room acoustics, Harmonia can help craft buildings to deliver pin-drop moments and rousing finales.

Read how Harmonia helped HOME, Manchester achieve outstanding acoustics.

Conference & Exhibition Centres

Modern conference and convention centres are expected to offer the highest standards of presentation. Business customers insist on rock-solid performance and truly engaging experiences for their delegates. Harmonia will help you deliver robust and modern audio-visual facilities, combined with properly designed acoustics that are vital to your success.

Technical infrastructure for exhibitions must be capable of serving well-attended events and be adaptable enough to satisfy exacting organisers and exhibitors. Cable routes, power supplies, internet connectivity, broadcast facilities and public address and lighting must all be right. We will guide the design team to meet these diverse needs with practical and commercially-aware advice.

Music & Multi-Purpose Venues


Many new venues host a wide range of events, such as live music, comedy, theatrical productions and cinema. This presents a conundrum for acoustic designers as we aim for the right balance of intimacy, sound envelopment, reverberation and timbre for all these functions.

Harmonia is  practised in finding the optimum solution, whether based on fixed conditions, proper placement of variable acoustic treatment, or electronically-assisted reverberation systems.

The need for flexibility extends to the theatrical systems, and here too we can apply our expert knowledge, using industry standard or cutting-edge products – whatever suits your requirements.

Arenas & Stadiums

The euphoria of being in an audience or crowd of supporters in an arena or stadium cannot be beaten. But getting the perfect balance between thrilling noise and clear communication should not be taken for granted. As professionals in both acoustics and sound reinforcement, we can help you hit the sweet spot. We use tools such as computer aided analysis of speech intelligibility and beam-steering loudspeaker optimisation to get your message across – First time. Every time.


High-impact video displays add to the wow factor of many large venues. We monitor the rapidly changing market for large-format LED displays so can make sure you get the performance, reliability and service you need.

Harmonia will work with you to put in place all the technical foundations for years of reliable and spectacular sports, music and special events.

Recording Studios

Harmonia are professional in every aspect, from personal service and communicating in a timely manner, to balancing attention to detail and the overall project budget and schedule constraints.
The new studio has improved the quality of our work.
— Drazen Sabijan, Owner & Mastering Engineer, Full Sound Studios

Control rooms and live rooms in recording studios have some of the most rigorous acoustic requirements of any space – accurate and balanced ambience undisturbed by noise from equipment or outside. Whilst meeting these, we always remember that forming artistic working environments is the ultimate goal.

Studios can be optimised for speech, amplified or acoustic music, but often the brief is to accommodate all of these. We carefully design every aspect from room geometry and suite layout to materials and installation details.

We can take care of all the monitoring, mixing, routing, processing and video too, assembling systems that respond to your ideal workflow and tailored to your budget.

Harmonia can build the spaces and tools you need, freeing you to concentrate on the creative process.